As a member of the Church*️, you are subject to The 6 Commandments. These are not laws, but rather helpful guidelines to help you live the path of a believer of Sal. Keep in mind that Sal is always watching and keeps note of every action you take once you are committed to his discipleship.

 These commandments were seen in a vision by a group of travelers that were driving past a psychiatric ward in southern Saudi Arabia. Apparently one of the security guards was watching "Impractical Jokers" on his lunch break when the signal got scrambled and seeped into the consciousness of a group of tourists. Out of the 9 people on the tour bus, only 1 survived the occurrence. He lived to tell the story and has passed down the commandments to every person he meets on his expeditions.
COMMAND 1; Follow @Salcult on Instagram
COMMAND 2; Leave Thots on "read."
COMMAND 3; Notice Sal every day at 7:33 P.M.
COMMAND 4; Sit with the kid who has no friends at lunch.
COMMAND 5; Comment Sal is Love Sal is Life anytime u see a salcult post.
COMMAND 6; Display your faith, publicly




*️"It's a lot like a party or a cult or whatever" -Sal Vulcano